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Title: Secret Science Theater
Author: Streak the Hedgehog/Shamanic Shaymin
Fandom: Animal Crossing (Original) Sonic the Hedgehog (MSTing party)
Genre: Romance/Angst/MST.
Rating: R
Warnings: Crude humor, sexual innuendo. Wangst overload and bad language in the original.
Ships/Characters: Totakeke/Mabel (Original), one-sided Sonic/Amy, implied Rouge/Knuckles/Shadow, Tails (MST)
Finished: No

Original: Here.

Chapter 2: In a rage

Rouge: Carrie 2: The Rage

K.K. pulled away, staring at Mabel, who was blushing furiously. He looked dumbfounded. "Mabel... what the..." But she just stared at him, blushing furiously. K.K. felt himself blushing too.

Tails: Cold water helps for that.

He dropped his guitar by mistake and kept staring at Mabel. It wasn't that he hadn't liked it... no. What was he thinking? He had hardly even known her for 10 minutes. And yet he had just been kissed by her... and it had felt... good...

Sonic: Take her home!
Amy: She's wasted!

Mabel looked at K.K., who seemed not to be paying attention to anything.

Knuckles: It took only a second before K.K.'s rep was ruined forever.

She seized the opportunity to attempt to tell him why she had done what she did, but K.K. simply held up his finger to her mouth. "Shh... Mabel... it just wouldn't work. We aren't even the same species... and neither of us can quit our jobs..." he said softly to her.

Shadow: So you're saying I can't be friends with Maria? *grumblegrumble*
Sonic: And I can't be buddies with Tails either!
Knuckles: Wouldn't we even be talking to each other?
Tails: Only Sonic, Amy and Shadow would be here if that was true.

Mabel licked his finger lightly, savoring the taste of it, but K.K. drew in the finger, shaking it furiously. "Yugh!" he said. "K.K., I'm sorry..." Mabel began to say. "Call me Totakeke," K.K. said, after he stopped shaking his finger. "But nothing more."

Tails: After all, he doesn't want to be mixed up with "kk," Sollux’s nickname for Karkat in "Homestuck."

Mabel sighed. She had just had her heart broken by her one true love...

Rouge: Does this mean we get chapters of blank pages like with Bella in "New Moon"?

K.K., who will henceforth be named Totakeke, however, was in deep thought.

Knuckles: *as K.K.* The lady or the tiger?
Shadow: *as K.K.* The knight or the bishop?
Tails: *as K.K.* The queen of hearts or jack of spades?

"Maybe... it could work..." He shook his head. What was he thinking? He didn't love her. He couldn't. He had only known her for about 10 minutes...

Sonic: Nice going, Sherlock!
Knuckles: Tell us something we don't know.

but still... he couldn't help feeling that something was compelling him to stay with Mabel... and... God. He was going insane.

Shadow: Maybe it's because she plans on hobbling you in your bed.
Amy: Mabel Wilkes?
Rouge: K.K. Misery is a sure hit!

It's HER that loves ME. Not the other way around! He told himself.

Sonic: Mm hm. *nods nervously and tries to scoot down a seat*
Amy: *yanks him back* Hey! Get back here!
Rouge: *smirk* Sonic, you're a true lady's man. Just like K.K. Slider.

But he wasn't so sure about that anymore... he watched as Mabel started to cry silently, attempting to hide it by turning her back on Totakeke... But he could hear her all the same.

Shadow: I don't believe you know the meaning of silence.
Sonic: …
Tails: …
Knuckles: …
Rouge: …
Amy: …
Shadow: Humph.

Dogs have very good ears, as you should know.

Sonic: What? What? I can't hear you!

"Don't cry..." Totakeke told her, walking over to her. Now he felt bad. He always aimed to cheer people up, not to make them cry.

Rouge: Don Bluth earned money through making people cry. First through nightmare fuel, later with psychedelic sap.

"What's wrong?" "T- totakeke..." Mabel said, turning to face him slowly, "I-i... I love you..." she finished, blushing and bursting into tears. Totakeke stood stunned. She... what? She loved him?

Knuckles: YES. And people think I'm dense?
Rouge: I do. But you're charming that way.
Knuckles: *growls and sighs*

"Shh... shh... it's ok... you don't have to cry..." said Totakeke softly, crouching down to her level, for Mabel had dropped to her knees.

Sonic: Whoo! NOW we're getting serious!
Tails: Sonic!

"I'm sorry... I just don't love you the way you love me... in fact, we've only just met. We COULD get to know each other... but I have a job to do."

Shadow: *as K.K.* It was only a one-night-stand. I'm doing this for the money.

"JUST SHUT UP!" shouted Mabel suddenly, standing up. "I NEVER SHOULD'VE TOLD YOU!! I...I HATE YOU, TOTAKEKE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" And with that, she ran off again, crying her eyes out, leaving Totakeke feeling very bad indeed.

Everyone: *applause*
Tails: I guess she WILL see him again, huh?
Rouge: I place my bets. *drops a ring in a hat and passes it on*
Amy: They always come back. I know how it works. *fangirl sigh*

Now he'd done it. He'd made her hate him... and she had loved him just a few minutes ago.

Sonic: Setting a new record if you ask me!
Shadow: Is this One Life to Live?
Rouge: In that case, it's Vicki or Nikki.

Totakeke looked at her running off, and then a few tears escaped him as well. "It... could've worked... if we tried..." he said. Then, he picked up his guitar, but didn't head for the train. Instead, he headed off to find Mabel's house.

Knuckles: Which has turned into a military lookout.
Amy: *as Mabel* *singing* And I’m here! To remind you! Of the mess you left when you went away!
It’s not fair! To deny me! Of the cross I bear that you gave to me!

Mabel was in a rage and in deep depression. She was crying her eyes out while throwing random Totakeke merchandise across the room.

Sonic: *singing* And I burned down the malt shop where we used to go
Just because it reminds me of yooooooooooooooou~!

"I... I hate you... Totakeke..." she said, while throwing a Totakeke bobble head at her wall.

Tails: Be careful! Those things bounce back!
Rouge: We're not responsible for any broken glass or bits of brain flying around.

"I... told you that... I loved you... and you... you just... didn't... care..." This time she just jumped onto her bed and cried into her pillow, hoping that Totakeke would go to the deepest pits of Hell if she just lay there long enough.

Shadow: Look up Dante's Inferno. That would be the 9th Level Coyxx, and I could help you get there.


Totakeke knew that Sable Able would know where to find Mabel, so he made the Able Sister's shop his first stop.

Amy: *as Mabel to Sable* Hey, if you see K.K. Slider, don't tell that no-good stupid jerk where I am, okay?

He walked inside to see Sable sewing a flame pattern with her sewing machine.

Knuckles: *singing* And it burns, burns, burns! The Ring of Fire! The Ring of Fire…

She looked up at him and waved. "Hello, K.K.!" she said to him, giving him a rare smile. He returned the smile reluctantly. "I have something to ask you..." he began, hesitating a bit. "Where... do you live?

Sonic: *as K.K.* a/s/l?
Rouge: *as Sable* You're standing in it, honey.

I want to see Mabel."

Sonic: *as K.K.* Naked.

Sable looked quizzically at him, wondering why he wanted to know. She gave him the directions, and he thanked her.

Knuckles: And that is why Mabel never trusted her sister again.

He sighed as he walked out. “I just hope she doesn’t attempt to kill me as I walk through the door…” he thought. He laughed a tiny bit and walked off towards the Able Sister’s house. When he got there, he hesitated again, and then knocked on her door.

Tails: After all, Mabel isn't a yandere… right?
Amy: *whistles "Twisted Nerve" from "Kill Bill"*

To be continued...


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