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Kink Meme Request: Darach/legal!Dawn in the castle hall. Dawn is persistent, Darach tries to dodge/ignore her advances, and how far it actually goes is up to anon. Bonus points if Caitlin ends up walking in on the two when she realizes that neither is present to begin the next round of battle. recaptcha: Mr pinholes

I actually filled this early pokanon request a few years ago, but when I discovered the NPC who told me Darach had an unrequited crush on Caitlin, I felt my doubts about the fill since I didn't think Darach would have eyes for anyone else. Hence, the ficlet fell into obscurity. I had forgotten all about it until I was browsing everyone's old fills. :o But since Caitlin's now an Elite 4 member and I pair her with Shauntal, I figured it wouldn't hurt to unbury this ficlet. Plus it's been a really unproductive year for writing, so here you go.

Meanwhile, I cannot spell Caitlin's name at all. I keep spelling it "Caitlyn" with a "y" out of habit. D:

Title: Requests For the Valet
Author: Puri
Fandom: Pokémon
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Ships/Characters: Dawn/Darach, Caitlin
Finished: Yes

There was something alluring about Darach when Dawn first met him. Was it his hair, his manners, or what? Polite, charming, that was what she decided about him soon enough. She didn't know whether or not the Pokemon he challenged her with was Caitlin's or his own, but under the watchful eye of the girl on the throne, Dawn colored herself impressed.

She couldn't stop going to Battle Castle since. Even before receiving her gold stamp, she felt like a princess. That's what she wanted to be before becoming a trainer, right? Battle Castle was her childhood fantasies come true mixed with her current ambitions. She used to dream of meeting a prince; being older, Dawn knew better. Instead of waiting for a prince to come, she pursued the butler.

"Good day, Dawn. I'll return your CP to you." Darach bowed.
"Oh, I'm not battling today." Dawn smiled. "You don't have to worry about me."
"Are you here for something else?"
"Nah. All I wanted to do is see you."
"I see. What did you wish to speak to me about?"
"Nothing. Just any old thing."

Darach was a polite man... almost too polite. Every time she entered the castle, Dawn attempted to grab his attention, to find some time in which it could be just the two together and nothing else... and she'd tell him. Typically, Dawn herself was too polite to bring her feelings out in the open, but even obvious flirting drifted past Darach in one ear and out the other. Almost as if she wasn't there. She learned the hard way royalty often kept its distance; why Caitlin stayed on her throne and refused contact with any of her trainers. Caitlin might have been satisfied to be obeyed, but Dawn couldn't accept it. Like with her Pokemon, she didn't want them to just recognize her orders; she wanted them to recognize that she loved them too.

"If there's nothing you wish for me to do, I'm afraid you must leave."
"There is something."

If there was something else Dawn learned the hard way, it's that some rules were meant to be broken.

Darach, needless to say, was stunned. As Dawn reached for him on tip-toe and pressed her lips over his, his fingers trembled as he dropped the pocket-watch he was holding. The polite thing would be to gently push her away and apologize. Dawn curled her arms around him, leaning into his body and pushing him against the wall. The valet flinched, cautious of the portraits of his lady but otherwise steadied Dawn as they adjusted in a safer position. Dawn's heart fluttered when she received the butler's response at last... a soft kiss to equal her own. Darach was careful with her and she loved that. They lowered to the ground, where they parted and regarded each other in a sort of mutual awakening. Darach hesitated at first, and Dawn comforted him by brushing her lips along his until he was ready to reciprocate.


The pair frozen, and Dawn flushed to see Caitlin at the door. Darach likewise was flustered and his face beet-red, his glasses lopsided as he desperately lifted them back on his face and brushed himself off in a feeble attempt to look presentable.

"My lady!" he cried. "I-I do apologize--!"
"Proceed what you were doing!" Caitlin barked. "I'll leave you two alone."

Darach and Dawn were still watching with uncertainty as the lady turned her back to them, to which she said, "I demand to have a copy of the security tape when you're done."


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